Executive Search


Our clients have confidence in our ability to execute our mission with the appropriate balance of urgency and discretion.

Our credibility and broad network of industry relationships allows us to develop interest in an opportunity with people who may be difficult to identify or attract, and the way we operate is oriented toward finding high potential candidates possessing formal qualifications and expertise that are readily transferable, thus enabling them to quickly fit into an organization and immediately begin adding value for the company.

We conduct open and straightforward communication with our clients, and we emphasize the same type of communication with candidates, all of which ultimately serve to promote a solid beginning to a successful long-term relationship between client and candidate.

We help businesses build thriving, high-performance leadership teams and we can help build your team, too.


We employ a three-phase executive search process providing a ten-step framework for successfully assisting our client organizations with their specific talent needs.

Phase One: Search Orientation, Parameters and Strategy Definition

Step 1: Orientation
Our process begins with an understanding of your organization – your team, culture, short- and long-term objectives, and issues related to the search. This thorough understanding provides a solid foundation for the development of a recruitment strategy that addresses your specific needs.

Step 2: Parameters
Working collaboratively with you, we develop a position description, defining key competencies as well as ideal criteria, which will serve as the measure by which we will evaluate potential candidates.

Step 3: Strategy
We create a comprehensive plan to identify, recruit, and attract qualified candidates, discussing resources, geographic range, and compensation level, and how your opportunity will be presented to prospective candidates.

Phase Two: Research, Recruitment & Evaluation

Step 4: Research
Utilizing our well-developed search resources, we conduct targeted research of candidates, gathering new intelligence, utilizing our industry relationships, and referencing information within our proprietary database. The result of this intense information-gathering process is a preliminary list of professionals to be directly recruited or contacted for referrals.

Step 5: Recruitment
The majority of highly skilled executives are passive and are not actively seeking employment. Our credibility and preceding relationships allow us to develop interest in an opportunity.

Step 6: Evaluation
Through an evaluation process aligned with the criteria established in Phase One, we will prepare and convey a written summary of each candidate’s employment history, specific responsibilities and accomplishments, as well as relevant academic and professional credentials. In addition, we will be prepared to discuss their strengths and weaknesses, and relevant motivations for considering the opportunity during the review of the written summary.

Phase Three: Finalist Selection, Interviews, Offer Acceptance, & Integration

Step 7: Finalist Selection
We work with you to identify and select the finalist(s) for the position.  Although we recommend direct communication between the client and the candidates at this stage of the process, we can play as active a role facilitating that communication as desired by the client.

Step 8: Interviews
We are available to coordinate calls and/or meetings, as requested.   We are also available to conduct formal reference checks on the finalist candidate.

Step 9: Offer & Acceptance
When you are prepared to extend an offer to the selected finalist, we consult with you to coordinate development and delivery of the offer, as well as facilitating any subsequent discussion necessary to bring about acceptance.

Step 10: Integration
We maintain communication with you following the completion of a search to ensure that the integration of the new executive progresses smoothly and that both parties’ expectations continue to be met.

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